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Time Digital (thanks to Vegeta99)

Time Magazine (thanks to Vegeta99)

If anyone has any more articles on UltraHLE please email me


Remember The Build Up to the release of UltraHLE?

Retrogames Build-up (Dates 25/99 - 28th)

If anyone has any more coverage on the UltraHLE build up / aftermath please email me


SLIGHT UPDATE (Monday 18th September 2000)

I've added some additional glide wrappers and frontends to the Downloads section, plus i've started adding some UltraHLE Media Articles and some build-up archiving to the initial release of UltraHLE. If you can help me in finding any more please email me as soon as possible. Till next time.



Seeing as the UltraHLE emulator has been discontinued, I found it fitting that I redesign the original homepage as a tribute site that will include all media coverage, downloads, old html's etc of the UltraHLE emulator that shocked the world right here at over a year ago. If you can help me by sending any media links, magazine scans etc reporting on UltraHLE, I would be greatful. Please send them to [email protected] (no technical questions please, post them at the messageboard) thanks.



Well I guess it had to come.....

" I have done some hard thinking this evening (well morning now actually - 1:39am) and decided that my hobby is no longer of public concern. As far as I am concerned UltraHLE is dead and buried and I will be deleting the source, roms and all the documentation I have (they will be gone by the time you receive this e-mail). Also, the RealityMan nick is, as of this e-mail, terminated. No doubt some people will say that this is another smoke screen or delay but to be honest I have had enough of the back biting etc that I have receivedfrom people that do not even know me personally or who have seen my work. HLE is dead now but it set out to achieve its aim and suceeded - to prove N64 emulation was possible. I will miss many of the people I have met in the community and will stay in contact with a select few but this is it for me. I have a family and new life to consider now - time to face the real world. Jagulator will continue privately as an interest for me when things are quiet. This is the final statement I am making so if you want to post it then do so. Kindest Regards."