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News: 22.4.99

We are making a two player compatibly list, that shows all games, which are playable or not playable with at least two players. If you want to add a game write an Email. Please send us 

  • the name of the game
  • the version (EUR, US, JAP)
  • playable or not playable
  • comments (little errors, why it is not playable, ini-file version, etc.).

News: 15.4.99

Hello UltraHLP friends, 
after a long period of waiting you are now ready to get the new version of UltraHLP. Here are all the features:

- Better two player support (more controller configurations e.g.: two joysticks) !!!!!!
- Death Zone regulator (joystick calibration)
- Supports up to 16 buttons
- Full customization of all keys and buttons (all 16) !!!
- free setting of keyboard sensitivity
- Joystick check tool (which button on your pad is which in UltraHLE)
- mouse support (using the new debug command "mouse")
- free camera moving using the numpad
- fixed some bugs, like "Mario can´t jump high"-bug
- increased speed (depends on your system)
- works with nearly every version (frantic,etc.)
- FULL Debug screen (complete list of all debug commands)
- free resolution changing

Get it at the downlaod section.
We played Mariokart64 with two originall n64 joypad (by using Stephan Hans interface), this was the best computer action we ever had (this month). 

Have a lot of fun.

News: 09.4.99

Twenty minutes ago, we fixed the bug, that cause Starfox64 (Lylat Wars) to freeze, if two player action is enabled. We think, that we going to release a new version of UltraHLP soon.
For all the people out there, who did not realize, that we are NOT the programmers of UltraHLE: 
PLEASE send us no shitty EMails about problems with games, or other peripherals and UltraHLE. We are NOT willing to answer this mails. 

News: 05.4.99

We are proud to present the new location of our page, here at http://www.emuunlim.org/ultraHLP. The guys from Emuunlim (the fox & manbeast) are very friendly and they offered us perfect conditions. If you want to see the latest news (emu related), look at their mainpage (http://www.emuunlim.org). 
We have not much done the last few days, cos we are very busy, but we hope that soon can release a new version of UltraHLP. Also we added a FAQ to our page, to prevent lame mail, which we get every day (tons of it). Because of that mail, replying takes very long. Please look at the FAQ and Beginner section, before you ask a question via Email.

News: 25.3.99

We have got many mails, that Ultrahle, patched with UltraHLP v 2.3, crashes after the 3dfx logo appears. We searched very long to find this bug, and we hope that we found it. Download the new version (UltraHLP v 2.31). With this version you can also change the keyboard sensitivity for UltraHLE.

News: 23.3.99

The last two days were very hard for us, because our mailbox boiled over. The main topic is: "The two-player support did not run". It runs. So we decided to make a beginner manual. Please read it, before sending us an email. Also for the "still non-believers" another fancy screenshot.

News: 21.3.99

The best news for the new week:

After having played all cool games against each other, we are quite bored and release the patch, to let you participate. 
Real two-Player action for UltraHLE now available on the net, UltraHLP v 2.3.

News: 20.3.99

Unbelievable but true!!!!!
Watch this crazy two-player action with UltraHLE:

We spend dozens of hours to enable two player support. Currently we are fixing some details, but the release will be ready soon. Tomorrow we will release a bugfixed version of 2.11.

News: 15.3.99

In UltraHLP v 2.1 occurs a little bug, if you enable more than 8 buttons on your joy pad (Your computer crashes). We fixed it. If you want to use more than eight buttons, you have to download UltraHLP v 2.11 (Sorry).

News: 14.3.99

It is on the net, the newest release of UltraHLP.
UltraHLP v 2.1

We have worked very hard the last two days to finish the new version. And the result is incredible. Also we finished a beta version, which is also soon available here. Here are the unbelievable innovations:

  • up to 16 buttons
  • see which button on your joy pad is which in UltraHLP
  • mouse support
  • free camera moving
  • a bug free patch module (hopefully)
The beta version will support additional axis on your joy pad. 

News: 11.3.99

We have just updated our debug section. Some new commands were added, and a little tutorial too. More will come soon.
Besides we are proud to announce the next release. It will be available for download in the next few days. It supports:

  • up to 16 buttons
  • mapping additional (beyond the 2nd) axis onto buttons
  • mouse support 

News: 5.3.99

Hello UltraHLE and UltraHLP fans, 
we completed our home page. Changes were made in the Tech Info and Developer section. Also we added a new info list, see the subscription field on the left. This list supplies information about:

  • news about UltraHLP
  • news about UltraHLE
  • news about the n64 emulator scene
Subscribe now !!

News: 3.3.99

Important notice:
The ultra.kwl file of Version 2.0 is not compatible to version 1.0b. If you try to patch an older version of ultra.exe, which was already patched with UltraHLP 1.0b, there first occurs an error, because the new ultra.kwl file is longer. Also your old settings, will not be recognized by the new version. You have to setup all the parameters, before you can patch the exe.
To avoid this, take an unpatched version of UltraHLE v1.0.

News: 2.3.99

The home page is almost finished, and a incredible new version of UltraHLP is ready for downloading. 
It supports:

  • 10 Button Joystick support
  • FULL Debug console
  • Complete list of debug commands
  • Free resolution changing
  • fixed some bugs
Go to the download page.

News: 26.2.99

Yesterday night we finished the new patch engine. Now we are going to apply the new patches and then in few days
you can download the new version here. Hopefully we can finish the home page till the release date (please pay attention to the new logo).

News: 22.2.99

Finally, the page you´ve all been waiting for is on the net:

The official UltraHLP & UltraHLE-developer page !!

But this page is under construction, at least at the moment.
So stay patient, and come back often and see what´s changing.

Watch out for:

  • New version of UltraHLP (bug fixed, new patch engine, better debug screen, more features)
  • FAQ
  • UltraHLE developer pages & mailing list (as long as Epsilon & Realityman do not continue their work)
  • much more...
  • Stay tuned

eMail : denuclearize(at)iname(dot)com

Download the first release (1.0b), features:

  • real 8 Button Joystick support
  • fixed bugs in UltraHLE (e.g. "Mario can´t jump  high"-bug)
  • Joystick button and key customization