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Welcome to Videogame History 101.

While the point of this site is to cover the varied and interesting 40 year history of all those eater of dots, whether they be the pixels on the screen or the quarters in our pockets, from the invention of the very first game displayed on an oscilloscope in a nuclear laboratory to the latest megabit home console sensation, I don't expect to have EVERY base covered (at least, not yet). I've only just started to scratch the surface of videogame history, but you can follow the progress of the site in the What's New list, and I'm trying to add new elements as often as I can. The site is split up into different categories (players), each with their own sections (stages). While I think reading each section in each category in order, by using the rosetta stones, is the best way to understand videogame history as it progressed, you can of course jump to any stage you like with the handy drop down menus at the bottom of each page. I'd also like to say that I designed this site at an 1024x768 resolution in 32-bit High Colour. So if there are weird gaps in lines or graphics aren't lined up right ...well, I guess you can go ahead and blame me. Hope you enjoy the course, and HEY! You in the back! Put away that math book! We're studying videogames here!
VCS Berzerk - Atari 1982

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