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ZX Plus is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K and 128K emulator written for Windows 95 / 98 using Direct X. It is programmed in C++ and 32-bit Assembly. It is complied using Microsoft Visual C++ Version 5.0 with Direct X SDK 7.001 libraries. Eventually it will support other systems such as the Sega Master System and Nintendo Gameboy / Colour Gameboy. We have written this emulator because we are interested in emulation and wanted to contribute to the emulation scene. We thought the Spectrum would be a reasonably easy choice for a first emulator. We also wanted to see if we could write one. We have tried to make ZX Plus easy to use and the most visually stunning Spectrum emulator around. The current Z80 emulation still has bugs in it which we are attempting to fix. A lot of games work perfectly (or so we think) including Aufmonty, Batty, Underwurlde, Manic Miner, Bruce Lee, and Joeblade 3.


Windows 95 / 98
DirectX 7 or above


Below are the features for the current version of ZX Plus. To find out what is being added to the new version see the News section.

Emulates the ZX Spectrum 48K and 128K
Four screen modes allowing combinations of interpolation and scan lines at a resolution of 640 x 480
Supports up to two joysticks when set up using the "Game Controllers" configuration in the Windows Control Panel
Joystick buttons can be mapped to the keyboard
Kempston, Sinclair 1, and Sinclair 2 joystick emulation supported
Cursor keys and control used for Spectrum Cursor emulation
Sound emulation using the PC Speaker or Direct Sound
Easy to use pull down menu with the joystick, short cut keys, and cursor keys used to navigate it
Supports loading of snapshots (.SNA) and Z80 format (.Z80)
Supports saving of snapshots (.SNA)
Screen capture utility which saves the current screen, without menu, to a bitmap file (.BMP)
Supports Windows long filenames for the loading and saving of files
Snapshots can be associated with ZX Plus so they can be loaded instantly from Windows Explorer
Remembers the paths you were last in, the joystick settings, and the sound options.


Download ZX Plus version 0.23 now.

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Please email us at the link below with any comments, suggestions, and bug reports of ZX Plus. If you have found a bug please include the relevent information about your computer, i.e. processor, sound card, joysticks, Windows version, and Direct X version. However, do not email us saying that games do not work unless you can describe where the bug is and preferably what you think is wrong with the emulation of the Spectrum. We are very interested in spectrum hardware emulation and interface errors as we already know there is a lot of Z80 emulatin errors.

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